Covid19ImpactSurvey Privacy Policy

Research purpose

The purpose of this survey is to collect create an anonymous dataset for enabling scientific research about the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on people around the world.

Data collected by the survey

The survey collects only the information explicitly entered by users as part of the survey questions, which includes country, postal code, age range and gender. The only exception is information regarding the country of the participant (done automatically via Amazon CloudFront without the IP address being visible to us), the time of day, and how the user arrived at the survey, which is recorded automatically once the survey is submitted. Regional information (such as browser language) of the users may be used to choose the initial language the survey is displayed in, but this information is not recorded as part of the survey.

Participants are only allowed to enter their responses after they confirm they are adults and consent to the survey. Other than the consent question, all answers are optional and can be left blank, and all health-related questions have an explicit opt-out.

After submitting their survey response, participants can further volunteer to join a longitudinal study. The study works by given participants a URL with a unique identifier that can be saved by the participant on their device in the calendar on their phone or computer. If a participant clicks on the link in the calendar entry, the answers they give will be connected to their original answers in the survey, allowing for more accurate research in the changes in attitudes and experiences.

We will ensure that the survey data we store complies with GDPR recital 26 for anonymous data, which permits the processing of information which does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person or to personal data rendered anonymous in such a manner that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable. We will take all appropriate measures to ensure that the data remains anonymous and will not record any additional information or make any other efforts to de-anonymize the data.

The survey data is recorded using the Survey123 software by Esri and managed by the ELLIS Alicante Foundation (Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana Unidad Ellis Alicante).

The survey data will only be accessed by qualified researchers for scientific research purposes only. The data will not be used for commercial purposes and nor will it be shared with 3rd party for commercial purposes.

Data collected by

In order to improve the functionality of the survey web site, we collect anonymous statistical information of users accessing using Google Analytics. In order to protect the privacy of the users, we have enabled anonymization of IP addresses and disabled cookies. This information is not connected to the answers of the survey and is only used to improve the functionality of the website, the quality of the survey and detect operational problems and gather statistics on how the website is used. We may use online ads to publicize the, however, we will not enable or collect any demographic or user targeting information that these systems might offer, and only advertise towards the general public. We may collect additional anonymous information to measure the effectiveness and quality of the ads using the conversion functionality that these systems offer.

Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana Unidad Ellis Alicante
Last updated: May 30, 2020